BRW V (2014)

  1. Margaret Davidson – “How Big Should My Water Wings Be”
  2. John Lopez – “The Origin and Future of Louisiana’s Crisis of Vulnerability”
  3. Bob Gough – “Intertribal COUP Vision for Building Indigenous Sustainability”
  4. Tim Osborn – “Action and Reaction: Moving to Pro Activity and Resilience”
  5. Susan Cutter – “Assessing Community Resilience: What Matters and Where Do You Start”
  6. Rob Verchick – “When FEMA Heads for the Hills: Climate Retreat, Disaster Recovery, and the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act”
  7. Roberto Barrios – “Resilience is a Relationship: Modernity, Neoliberalism, and Sociality in Disaster Reconstruction”
  8. Patty Ferguson-Bohnee – Presentation from BRW V
  9. Eric Des Marais – Presentation from BRW V
  10. Julie Maldonado – “Relocation Strategies and Obstacles Panel”
  11. Chris Pulaski – “Land Use and Development Patterns in Terrebonne Parish”
  12. Rebecca Snedeker – Selection from Unfathomable City
  13. Jeff Carney – “LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio”
  14. Nicole Love – “Gulf of Mexico Coastal Resilience: A Decision Support Tool for Restoration and Coastal Hazards”
  15. Michelle Esposito – “Sci-TEK: Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Geospatial Data for Mapping Local Priorities”
  16. Shannon Dosemagen – “Grassroots Science Tools for Community Monitoring”


BRW IV (2013)

  1. Tim Osborn – “Community Resilience: Critical Needs for Community Resilience”
  2. Elizabeth English – BRW IV
  3. Chris Pulaski – BRW IV


BRW III (2012)

  1. Tom Smith – “Mississippi Coastal Improvements Program”
  2. Sebastiaan van Herk – “Working & Learning Together: From Master Plan to Implementation”
  3. Rutger de Graaf – “Innovative Concepts for Flood Resilience”
  4. Peter Minnema – “Rotterdam-The Hague Emergency Airport”
  5. Pat Santos – “Sheltering 2012: Back to the Future”
  6. Liesbeth van Riet Paap – “Multi-Level Governance in Room for the River”
  7. Karim Belhadjali – “Louisiana’s 2012 Coastal Master Plan”
  8. Jeroen Rijke – “Multi-Level Governance in Water Management”
  9.  Derk van Ree – “Technologies for the Cost-Effective Flood Protection of the Built Environment”
  10. Craig Colten – “Inherent Resilience in New Orleans”
  11. Chris Zevenbergen – “Cost Effectiveness of Non-Structural Measures”
  12. Camille Manning-Broome – “Best Practices Manual for Development”


BRW II (2011)

  1. Rob Verchick – “Retooling Resilience”
  2. Rudy Schuster + Craig Colten – “Interdisciplinary Research: Navigating the Pitfalls, Processes, & Potential of Integrating Natural Sciences with Social Science & the Humanities”
  3. Richard Ashley – “Strengthening Communities and Building Resilience (in the Netherlands and Australia) and Relevance for New Orleans”
  4. Phillipe Gourbesville – “Developing Resilience Strategies: Implementation at the Regional Level”
  5. Natasa Manojlovic – “Building Resilience of Communities | Governance Approach – Hamburg”
  6. Mitch Andrus – “Building Resilience and Job Creation”
  7. Mike Park – “Greater New Orleans Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System”
  8. Lee Stickles – “Sea Level Rise | San Francisco, CA”
  9. Larry Buss – “Concepts to Achieve Flood Resilience”
  10. KC King – “Resilience Systems Engineering?  Engineering Resilience Systems?”
  11. Jean-Luc Salagnac – “SMARTeST- Smart Resilience Technology, Systems and Tools”
  12. General Honore – “Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina”
  13. Gehad Ujeyl – “Flood Resilience Strategies Behind the Dikes”
  14. Frauke Hoss – “Multilayered Safety: Next Step in Dutch Flood Risk Management”
  15. Ed Thomas
  16. David Tilotta – “Resilient Homes, Incentives, and What We’re Learning”
  17. Boo Thomas – “Community Planning and Resiliency”
  18. Billy Nungesser – “Innovative Building in Plaquemines Parish”
  19. Belinda Little-Wood – “New Orleans Disaster Management Centre”
  20. Anne Loes Nillesen –
  21. Angela Desoto-Duncan – “Greater New Orleans Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System


BRW I (2010)

All BRW I Presentations

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