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Building Resilience Workshop kicks off Wednesday in New Orleans
March 24, 2015

“Admitting that the word ‘resilience’ can feel stale, the conference organizers invite participation ‘in the important rejuvenation of a tired buzz-word.’ And unlike past workshops that typically have remained indoors, this year its organizers have arranged tours of the city in part to make it ‘more accessible to the public with multiple opportunities for affected communities to participate.”



As Louisiana’s coast washes away, threatened communities face questions about their identity
March 14, 2014

“There are few changes more painful for a community than having to relocate in whole because their land is disappearing, but that’s what some of Louisiana’s coastal residents have had to face as erosion leaves them more vulnerable to flooding.”



Louisiana coastal residents are advised to move forward, or just move
March 13, 2014

“The two-day Building Resilience Workshop V kicked off under the theme ‘Communities on the Edge.’ And while lamenting the drivers that keep people in communities vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters, the presenters and those in the workshop’s audience readily acknowledged the strength of those drivers and how difficult it can be to leave land that has strong cultural and familial attachment, often dating back generations.”




Coastal communities’ resiliency to be discussed at UNO workshop
March 13, 2014

“The workshop on Thursday and Friday is expected to discuss the importance of culture, the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act, sustainable solutions, the state’s Coastal Master Plan, and coastal relocation strategies and obstacles, among other topics.”




Post Hurricanes Katrina and Isaac, experts discuss the challenges of living with water
March 8, 2013

“At the annual Building Resilience Workshop…speakers called for a more forward-thinking, ever-present conversation to help build coastal resilience, one that involves much more than levee protection and incorporates the idiosyncrasies of each unique coastal community.”




Building Resilience in New Orleans
April 4, 2012

Seven years after Katrina, New Orleans is in the process of identifying and fostering the implementation of innovative and sustainable strategies to reduce New Orleans’ and South Louisiana’s vulnerability to flooding. A Coastal Master Plan is being developed as a response to coastal erosion that is estimated to cause 1,750 square miles land losses (home to 210,000 people) over the next 50 years. Furthermore, various activities are being undertaken to enhance the communities’ shelter and evacuation capacity and in case of floods.

Between 15 and 17 March 2012, an international delegation of Dutch, French, and Taiwanese experts in water management from research and the public and private sector participated in the Building Resilience Workshop III to discuss ways to make New Orleans more resilient to floods. Prominent topics that were discussed were multi-level governance using experiences from the Room for the River programme and the multi-level safety approach of preventing floods, mitigating flood damage and evacuation using newly developed scientific knowledge from the EU FP7 project FloodProBE.

The Flood Resilience Group played an important role in this workshop, delivering three key note speeches and participating in several panel discussions with their counterparts from the US. Sebastian van Herk delivered a key note speech about social learning for establishing the Dutch multi-level safety approach. Jeroen Rijke’s key note discussed the effectiveness of different governance approaches to establish change and increase adaptive capacity. In the closing conference speech, Chris Zevenbergen presented on the cost effectiveness of flood proofing technologies.

By Jeroen Rijke (UNESCO-IHE)



Building Resilience Workshop II Participants Invited to Build a Rain Garden
March 2011

Looking to make a positive contribution to the neighborhoods of New Orleans to complete your weekend at the Building Resilience Workshop II?

On March 20th, the Idea Village and GNOF Water Challenge team and the Building Resilience Workshop II are partnering with Global Green, FutureProof, Common Ground Relief and Bayou Rebirth to organize volunteers to help install a rain garden at the Global Green Holy Cross Project Visitor’s Center in the the Lower 9th Ward.


Plan for emergency operations center at Bywater military site is approved
February 1, 2011

“…Disaster management and recovery has become an industry that will spur economic growth in our region, and this project presents an opportunity to center that industry in New Orleans . The site is expected to create 1,600 construction jobs and nearly 1,000 permanent jobs in the future.”



Competition encourages entrepreneurs to develop water-related businesses
January 20, 2011

“Water is an element New Orleans has no shortage of, but businesses designed to manage it are in short supply in the region. Hoping to change that, a local business group and philanthropic outfit have created a challenge to entice entrepreneurs to create or grow companies that would manage the city’s water supply…”


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